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Media coverage of election in Belarus

In accordance with the decree of the President, the Belarus parliamentary election is to be held on September 11, 2016

What is the timeline of current electoral campaign?



Alexander Lukashenko informally meets Steven Seagal
According to the head of state's press service, their communication was "alive and with some focus on agriculture". Steven Seagal was revealed  beets, cabbage, carrots have been grown in the presidential residence. Here in the field, he tried carrot brushed by Alexander Lukashenko.
Read full text and see photos here: http://news.tut.by/society/509486.html


Competition in Council of Republic: one candidate per seat
The Central Election Commission has registered 56 candidates for seats in the Council of the Republic, the upper chamber of the Belarusian National Assembly (parliament) to where MPs are elected in parallel with the lower chamber. As national legislation implies, each of six 'oblasts' (regions) and Minsk City are represented by eight MPs. Eight more are appointed by the President.
More information here: http://euroradio.fm/en/competition-council-republic-1-candidate-seat


Elections to upper house of Belarus Parliament get underway
Elections of the members of the Council of Republic of the National Assembly began in Belarus on 25 August. According to the schedule of the electoral campaign, the procedure shall be running from 25 August till 13 September.
Read full text here: http://eng.belta.by/politics/view/elections-to-upper-house-of-belarus-pa...


CIS IPA observer: Pre-election situation in Belarus is stable
“The pre-election situation in the region and the country as a whole is stable and calm. People are ready for this event (the election to Parliament). They know their candidates, support them. Candidates, in turn, need to mobilize, pull together their teams and remember that in case they are elected to Parliament they will need to not only contribute to lawmaking but also remember about the people whose interests they represent,” Yuri Andreyev, an international observer from the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (CIS IPA), said while visiting Molodechno District.
Read full text here: http://eng.belta.by/politics/view/elections-2016-cis-ipa-observer-pre-el...




"He violated the law impertinently and flagrantly". Yarmoshyna and Lahvinets fervidly have debated on Belarusian TV channel ONT.
The new release of the talk show "Matter of principle" broadcast by ONT TV channel was dedicated to the parliamentary campaign. Political analyst Valery Karbalevich and opposition candidate Alexander Lahvinets who had been denied registration raised the theme of disappeared politicians and "imitation of elections". The head of the Central Electoral Committee Lidziya Yarmoshyna and USC MP Valentina Leonenko were their opponents.

See full video here: http://news.tut.by/politics/509245.html


Over 18,000 domestic observers accredited to monitor parliamentary elections in Belarus.
A total of 18,389 domestic observers have been accredited to monitor the parliamentary elections in Belarus. Such information has been posted on the website of the Belarusian Central Election Commission.

Read full text here: http://eng.belta.by/politics/view/elections-2016-over-18000-domestic-obs...




Some opposition candidates said to have refused making TV statements

Candidates to the Belarus' House of Representatives refuse to make pre-recorded statements on television, Chairman of the National State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Belteleradiocompany Gennady Davydko said in the Club of Editors-in-Chief show aired by the Belarus One TV Channel on 20 August. According to Davydko, Belteleradiocompany has recorded statements of 84 candidates in Minsk alone. Six candidates chose not to come. He stressed that airtime is granted by the state free of charge “with only one goal which is to provide voter with a choice.”

Read full text here: http://eng.belta.by/politics/view/elections-2016-candidates-from-opposit...


"What kind of a candidate in any chamber". What Minsk residents know about Belarus Parliament Elections 2016

See the video here: http://news.tut.by/politics/508779.html



Over 350 foreign observers accredited for Belarus' parliamentary elections.

The CEC has accredited 297 observers from the CIS, including 33 from the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly. The CIS election observation mission led by Sergei Lebedev was deployed to Belarus in early July. It is expected that the CIS mission will consist of 350-400 long-term and short-term observers. A group of international long-term observers from the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly have already arrived in Minsk.

Read full text here: http://eng.belta.by/politics/view/elections-2016-over-350-foreign-observ...


Some candidates to Belarus' parliament withdraw from election race

“A part of candidates to the parliament have chosen to withdraw from the election race. At present, there are 509 people standing as candidates to the House of Representatives”, the Belarus One TV channel said. A total of 522 candidates were registered for the parliamentary elections in Belarus.

Read full text here: http://eng.belta.by/politics/view/elections-2016-some-candidates-to-bela...


There are 8 candidates nominated for membership of the Council of Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus in Minsk. 

The decision was taken today at a joint meeting of the Presidium of the Minsk City Council of Deputies and the Minsk City Executive Committee. Council of the Republic - one of two chambers of the Belarusian parliament. It consists of 64 people, and it is considered to be the chamber of territorial representation. At the same time 56 people are elected, and another 8 appointed by the president of Belarus. Council of the Republic may be a citizen of Belarus who has reached 30 years of age and lived on the territory of the respective region or Minsk at least for five years. Those who have a criminal record can not be nominated as senators. Also, the same person can not be a member of the two chambers of parliament simultaneously. You can not be both a member of the Council of the Republic and member of the government. Combination of Senator's responsibilities with simultaneous occupation of the office of the President or the judge is not allowed.

Read the names of candidates nominated for Senators here: http://news.tut.by/politics/508785.html


About the TV debates, the candidates and Capote: Lidia Yermoshina in an exclusive interview for Belarusian TV channel STV

Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina has answered the questions about what she would called a difficult conversation, whether there are freaks among candidates, she has told about some comments expressed by representatives of the PACE, about the brightness of her personality, also she has given her recommendations on how to conduct debates. 

You can see the video and read the text transcript here: http://www.ctv.by/o-teledebatah-kandidatah-i-kapote-lidiya-ermoshina-v-e...




Belarusian parliamentary candidates warned against slander, vote buying.

A parliamentary candidate may be stripped of registration for slander, libel or for buying votes. Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina made the statement on the air of the Belarus One radio channel on 17 August. 
Read full text: http://eng.belta.by/politics/view/belarusian-parliamentary-candidates-wa...


Lidia Yarmoshyna: Candidate urged to legalize marihuana, speech not to be broadcast

Pavel Stefanovich’s (UCP member) speech was supposed to be shown on Belarus-3. However, the channel employees sent the speech to an expertise in the Central Election Commission. The speech of the parliamentary candidate who urged to legalize marihuana will not be shown on TV, CEC chairperson Lidziya Yarmoshyna announced at a press conference on Tuesday (August, 16). Read full text here: http://euroradio.fm/en/yarmoshyna-candidate-urged-legalize-marihuana-spe...


Lukashenko: The election campaign in Belarus proceeds calmly

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko made the statement while talking to mass media on 4 August in BRASLAV DISTRICT. He went on saying that the fact that Belarusian MPs “work in a professional and calm manner without shouting and screaming” is the greatest merit of the Belarusian parliament. Read full text here: http://eng.belta.by/president/view/election-2016-lukashenko-the-election...


The deputy head of the movement "For Freedom" Ales Lahvinets not allowed to become parliamentary candidate

Minsk city election commission has denied Ales Lahvinets’ complaint. We remind that earlier Ales Lahvinets denied registration as a candidate after the concert of Lyavon Volsky in Minsk district Sukharevo (http://news.tut.by/politics/507274.html).


The politician’s appeal was discussed on August 17. The city election commission did not find any traces of illegal refusal to register Aleh Lahvinets. It is forbidden to distribute printed editions among voters during signature collection campaigns, the commission members noted. Lahvinets did not refute the fact that Narodnaya Volya was being given out. The commission referred to the corresponding law. The problem of bribery of voters (Lahvinets was accused of it due to the distribution of the newspaper) was not discussed.

Read full text here: http://euroradio.fm/en/ales-lahvinets-not-allowed-become-parliamentary-c...



Elections 2016

Belarus will hold parliamentary elections in 2016. The elections to the House of Representatives are scheduled for 11 September. Candidates shall be nominated by political parties (under decisions of their superior bodies), labor groups of organizations with at least 300 employees (under decisions of their meetings/conferences) and groups of at least 1,000 citizens residing in the electoral district (through signature collection).

August, 16 the number of candidates registered to stand in the elections to the House of Representatives has reached 522 (firstly the number of candidates was 521 but on 15 August, the Mogilev Regional Election Commission satisfied the complaint of a representative of the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus and registered him as a parliamentary candidate).
Read composition of Belarusian parliamentary candidates here: http://eng.belta.by/politics/view/elections-2016-belarus-cec-28-current-...


OSCE special coordinator Kent Harstedt on a pre-election visit to Belarus

MINSK, 15 August - Vice-President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and OSCE Special Coordinator for the parliamentary elections in Belarus Kent Harstedt is on a tour to Minsk and Mogilev on 14-16 August for a pre-election visit.
Read full text here: http://eng.belta.by/politics/view/elections-2016-osce-special-coordinato...


The new "President's Men". All future deputies of the Minsk district, version TUT.BY

At the end of last week, the Central Election Commission registered candidates. Belarussian internet-portal tut.by decided to predict who will pass in the House of Representatives from Minsk. In order not to provide someone in particular, positioned candidates in the same manner as in the election district. Who will be in the future "the people of the president" by analogy with the current parliament - read here: http://news.tut.by/politics/508200.html 


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